Ski Classics

Team Coop Madshus, deeply rooted in Norway, strongly collaborates with some of Norway's most renowned brands, with Coop, one of the country's major food retail chains, taking a central role. This season, Madshus has joined hands with Coop as the Pro Team's primary sponsor, leading to a season of exciting possibilities.

For the upcoming Ski Classics Season XV, the Norwegian squad is bringing six Pro Team athletes, four men and two women: Petter Soleng Skinstad (1989), Marten Soleng Skinstad (1997), Mathias Aas Rolid (1996), Imanol Rojo (1990), Caroline Madsen (1995), and Marta Cester (1995).

A relevant fact about the squad is that two athletes are from Spain: "Another interesting thing about our team is that two of our athletes are based in Spain (Imanol and Marta). In addition to competing in Ski Classics, Imanol Rojo will also compete in the World Cup with the World Championships in Trondheim as his main goal for the future," says Soleng Skinstad.

The goal for Ski Classics Season XV is set: "Perform at a high level in and outside of the tracks, sharing our journey on the way. Hopefully, we'll see good results both in Ski Classics races and in social media, where we hope to inspire thousands of skiers all over the world!" says Petter.


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Mathias Aas Rolid

Mathias Aas Rolid

Petter Soleng Skinstad

Petter Soleng Skinstad


Imanol Rojo


Maximilan Bie


Marta Cester

Mårten Soleng Skinstad

Marten Soleng Skinstad

Caroline Madsen

Caroline Madsen