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We begin with a historical journey.

In the premiere edition in 2021, Lina Korsgren won before Ida Dahl on the women's side, and among the men, Stian Hoelgaard won before Alfred Buskqvist.

There is a clear historical connection with Båstad - Mölle; this as history's first ski race is supposed to have been organized at Kullaberg about 1,000 years ago. Harald Blue, was King of Denmark from 964 and of Norway until 974. As King, he introduced Christianity in Denmark. Harald Bluetooth married Tove in 963, who was a widow after Harald's abstinent brother Knut died the year before. Tove had a son Sven (Tveskägg) with Knut who became Harald's foster son. Harald Bluetooth himself had i.a.a daughter Gunhild who married Pallig Tokeseni England. She was murdered together with her family in the "Dane Murder" massacre in England in 1002.

‍Palnatoke, according to the legend, was a Jom Viking and Danish chieftain from Funen who lived at the end of the 9th century. He is probably identical with the Toke, son of Palmairslau from Funen, who in 953 founded the Viking stronghold of Jomsborg in northern Poland. Some smaller stories about Palnetoke are also recorded at the end of the 12th century by the historian Saxo Grammaticus. In one of these it is told that Palnetoke was once forced by King Harald to shoot an arrow into an apple placed on Palnetoke's son's head. The story is a wandering tale but is interesting, not least because it is the world's oldest recorded version of the later so popular Wilhelm Tell legend.

A funny episode is also mentioned by the above-mentioned Saxo Grammaticus: King Harald, who is said to have been a good cross-country skier, was once challenged in this "sport" by his enemy Palnatoke at a gathering on Kullaberg in Scania, whereby Harald demanded that Palnatoke go down one of the steepest cliffs which would actually mean death. However, the intention came to naught as Palnatoke survived. This is said to be the oldest referenced ski competition in history. Even today, the place is called Palnatoke's slope on Kullaberg.

In honor of this oldest referenced ski competition, we arrange ‍Båstad-Mölle ski Events:

Harald Bluetooth - Men's class 74 km
Tove - Women's class 74 km
Palnatoke - Men's class 50 km
Gunhild - Women's class 50 km


Båstad – Mölle Race Course